Complete Hospital planning 

  • Infection prevention and control departments (planning of CSSD and Hygienic Hospital Laundry as per international standards like NHS and WHO with segregation of zones as per requirement including dirty/soiled zone, clean zone with packing facility & sterile zone with storage facility and domestic areas and for laundry with Dirty zone and clean zone and interconnection to other departments)


  •   Modular Operation Theaters Planning and Designing of Modular Operation Theater with 3d and 2d modeling, meeting international standards with clinical work flow and segregation of dirty and clean concept and Purpose built operation theaters with clean air to minimize the chances of nosocomial infections to reduce morbidity and hospital stay of patients. 


  • Medical Gas Pipe Line System, Planning designing and calculations for supplying piped oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, CO2, medical air and Vacuum/ suction to facility with flow rates of each department as per international standards of HTM 0201, HTM 2022, ISO 7396-1 and NFPA. 

Primary Objective:

  • To ensure the provision of a safe and reliable medical gas pipeline system and its efficient operation and use. Through the Four Tenets of Medical Gas Safety:
  1. Continuity (of supply)
  2. Adequacy (of flow and pressure)
  3. Identity (of gas)
  4. Quality (of delivered gas)


  • Radio Diagnostics, Diagnostic radiology activity is essential for each patient’s future. The quality of a radio diagnostic assessment must be as satisfactory as possible and must minimize the doses that the patient receives. Quality control not only optimizes the diagnostic properties but also prevents the apparatus’s features from deteriorating over time. We have in-house planning, designing and requirement assessment team to develop layout as per hospital needs.