Medical Gas Systems

American Medical Service carries the complete product lines from many of the medical gas pipeline manufacturers. 
We carry Allied Healthcare Products equipment, MIM Medical equipment, Kaser Medical equipment, Quincy Medical equipment,  Atlas Copco Medical equipment, Ohio Medical equipment, Amico Corporation equipment,  Beacon Medaes equipment, and Western Medical equipment. Along with being stocking master distributors these companies, we also do medical gas installations and have certified medical gas installers on staff. 
We also consult on the design of medical gas systems and coordinate projects to ensure that the source equipment is aqequate for the facility’s needs and that everything is up to the standards defined by NFPA and HTM-ISO.  We are not just a distributor that merely sells a product. 
We follow and manage every aspect of our jobs and provide our customers the end result they require.
While we are getting the product pages together for the medical gas construction equipment, here is a list of just SOME of the medical gas products we offer.  

Medical Gas equipment product

Air Compressors

Vacuum Pumps

Manifolds (Liquid and Dry for all gases including oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air, nitrogen, etc.)

Line Valves (Single and Dual Port)

Zone Valve Boxes


Pressure Switches

Alarm Panels (Area and Master) including accessories

Outlet/Inlet Stations


Ceiling Drops

Medical Source Gas Equipment

This outstanding range of Medical Source Gas Equipment, which has been proved and approved over many years of impressive service in hospitals, clinics and other medical establishments, includes: Medical / Surgical Air Plant, Medical Vacuum Plant, Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging Plants, Automatic, Manual and Emergency Manifold Systems, Oxygen Concentrator Systems.

Medical Compressed Air Plant
Medical Vacuum Plant
Anaesthetic Gas Scavenging System
Automatic Manifold Systems
Manual Manifold Systems
Emergency Manifold Systems
Oxygen Concentrator Systems

Pipeline Equipment
AMS Medical works in accordance with all current HTM 02-01 and HTM2022 standards to build Area Valve Service Units, Area Valve Zone Modules, Medical Gas Terminal Units, Lockable Line Valves and Pressure Reducing Stations.
Area Valve Service Units
Area Valve Zone Modules
Medical Gas Terminal Units
Lockable Line Valves
Pressure Reducing Stations
Retractable Medical Pendants
Rigid Medical Pendants

Medical Gas Alarms
Medical gas alarms provide a reassuring service that alerts clients to any problems with their medical air and gas systems as soon as they arise.
Medical Gas Alarm
Plant Encoders
Area Medical Gas Alarm

For more information on equipment, installation, or building consultation, please contact us by email, phone, fax, or by filling out a request 

Please contact us for any information.  We are more than happy to provide you with anything you need.

Medical Gas Systems

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